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Benefits of Yoga (General)

Posted on March 16, 2015 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (5)


Benefits of Yoga (General)

By Shanel LeRue


What is it?

Yoga is a combination of breathing exercises and physical postures called asanas. Asanas are postures or positions we move our bodies into and through by stretching forward, backward, lateral, twisting and balancing. As we concentrate our breath and our thoughts on moving through the inhale of one pose and out the exhale of another, we gain a greater awareness of how our bodies feel.


What are the benefits of Yoga?

Some benefits include, increased flexibility, improved muscle tone and strength, improved energy levels, sleep, immunity, memory, balance, posture, attention and concentration. Lowers blood pressure and slows heart rate. Decreases anxiety, depression and recovery time when injured. Yoga also helps normalize your weight.


Who can practice Yoga?

Yoga can be practiced by someone of any age or physical shape. Its benefits do not discriminate. There are a vast variety of styles and almost every type of yoga can be modified to an individuals specific needs. From mommy and me classes to instructors at the age of 100, (it’s true, google it!) Yoga truly is for every body!


How often should I practice Yoga?

There are benefits to practicing yoga only once, though to continue receiving them it’s suggested to practice at least once a week, up to seven days a week. It depends on you! Some benefits, such as normalizing weight and increasing flexibility require more practice. Where as you can lower your blood pressure in just one session. Yogas effects are both immediate and long lasting.


Where can I learn Yoga?

There’s a plethora of videos, books and blogs available to you online. The majority are free or available with minimum costs. The best way to learn yoga, is to take a class or set up an individual session with a certified Yoga instructor. Not only is it safer to learn this way, but you get the added bonus of accountability and real live inspiration, guidance and support. Once you’ve established a regular practice and understanding of the postures it can be fun to follow along with an online class. Just remember to listen to your body, know your limits and respect them.