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Intention Yoga and Wellness Center

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IYWC Classes

Balance & Strength Yoga

Gain strength, flexibility and balance with this class as we build up into challenging poses, step-by-step.

Relaxation Yoga

Bring your stress to class and leave it on the mat when you leave, feeling deeply relaxed. Light stretching, deep breathing, aromatherapy and guided meditation. Eye pillows and blankets provided. For all levels of practice.


Hatha Yoga


Basic class. All levels welcome


A build up from the beginner class. Must have previous yoga experience and moderate strength and flexibility.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Be prepared to sweat as we incorporate both strength in holding challenging poses longer and flexibility in breathing through long flow sequences. If you're looking for more of a workout, this class is for you! Moderate strength and flexibility is required for this class. 

Chair Yoga

Designed for the Elderly and limited mobility, this extra gentle class teaches light stretches, proper breathing and relaxation methods, all while seated comfortably. Health and Yoga for every body!


Yoga for Kids!

Ideal for ages 6-12. This class teaches basic postures,

proper breathing and relaxation methods.


Youth Yoga

Ideal for ages 13-18. This class encourages a healthy lifestyle with instruction

on basic postures, proper breathing and relaxation methods.