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Client Testimonials

Two Years ago, I couldn't walk straight without staggering and falling. Today I can get up from a chair without help. I can walk up and down stairs normally. Taking yoga classes at IYWC has helped me 100%!

- Peggy Laitila

Love yoga classes with Shanel! Relaxing, intentional, and so fun! Truly helps stretch my muscles after working out & doing massages daily. Great for mind, body, and soul. Become more aware of your body and what you are capable of. We are Blessed to have Shanel in our area sharing yoga with us!

-Clare Loveless
Waves of Touch Massage
I have been participating in yoga for many years and despite being 78 and having a debilitating disease am able to partake in most physical activities. I cycle for at least 1,000 miles every year, sleep well and am at peace with myself. Yoga plays a big part in maintaining my well being.

Jim (Soupbone) Johnson